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Country Line Dance:
Caribbean Cadence
A hands-free Cha-Cha Mixer

Dance to:
"Put on Your Dancing Shoes"

Gent faces line of dance, inside circle,
Lady faces opposite line of dance, outside circle

1-4 Weight on left foot, tap right heel 4 times & switch sides back to back
5-8 Weight on right foot, tap left heel 4 times
9-12 Switch sides: left, right, left, hold left with clap
13-16 Bump right hips twice, bump left hip twice to left
17-20 Bump hips right, left, right, left
21-24 Right shuffle, step left turn right
25-28 Left shuffle, step right turn left

Advance to the next person

29-32 Right shuffle, rock forward left, rock back right
33-34 Left shuffle
35-38 2 pivot turns, step right, turn left
39-40 Stomp right and clap

Begin again with new partner...  

Submitted by:
Andrew Wild


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