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Country Line Dance:
Tennessee Walk
Couples start in cape / sweetheart position, around edge of dance floor.

1. Left foot steps forward
2. Right foot steps forward
3. Left foot steps forward making 1/4 turn the right (gent behind lady)
4. Touch right foot behind left (like a curtsy, weight on left)
5. Right foot steps back, making 1/4 turn to left (face LOD)
6. Left foot steps back
7. Right foot steps 1/4 turn to right (gent behind lady)
8. Left foot steps right, making 1/4 turn to right (away LOD)

Gent will drop left hands and raise right hands high to execute turn

9. Pivot on ball of left foot 1/2 turn to right (end with weight on right foot)
10. Left foot steps forward (pick up left hands, back in sweetheart position)
11. Tap right foot next to left
12. Tap right foot next to left
13. Shuffle forward right ...

AND ... left ...

14. ... right
15. Shuffle forward left ...

AND ... right ...

16. ... left
17. Shuffle forward right ...

AND ... left ...

18. ... right
19. Left foot ricks back
20. Right foot rocks forward (weight on right foot)

Submitted by:
Andrew Wild


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