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Country Line Dance:
Teton Mountain Stomp
Music: "I heard it through the grapevine" - Marvin Gaye

Couples dance in pairs around outside of floor, progressing counter-clockwise.
Couple faces each other, man on inside, lady on outside.
Man's left holds lady's right out to his left, man's right hand on her shoulder (or on her left shoulder-blade), lady's left drapped over his right.

Lady's steps in italics...

1. Step side left/right
2. step together with right/left
3. Step side left/right
4. Tap right/left heel to the side
5. Step side right/left

6. Step together with left/right
7. Step side right/left
8. Tap left/right heel to the side
9. Step in place left/right
10. Tap right/left heel to the side

11. Step in place right/left
12. Tap left/right heel to the side
13. AND
14. Shuffle step left/right (man steps up beside lady on her right side, he is facing forward and she is facing rear)
15. AND

16. Shuffle step right/left
17. AND
18. Shuffle step left/right (change direction so man is facing rear and lady is facing forward, lady will be on man's left)
19. AND
20. Shuffle step right/left (man is travelling backwards)

21. AND
22. Shuffle step left/right (change direction again so man is facing forward with lady returned to his right side)
23. AND
24. Shuffle step right/left
25. AND

26. Shuffle step left/right (begin turning forward as a couple so that when you complete steps 25 through 28 you will have made a 360 degree turn forward like a pin-wheel).
27. AND
28. Shuffle step right/left (man is now facing forward and the lady will turn under his left arm during steps 29 through 32 until she is once again in basic dance position facing the man)
29. AND
30. Shuffle step left/right
31. AND
32. Shuffle step right/left

Dance begins again...  

Submitted by:
Andrew Wild


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