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Country Line Dance:
Big Heart
Description: A four wall line dance that faces
a new wall to the left (counter clockwise) each time you begin.

Counts/Steps: 32 counts, 32 steps

Music Suggestion: "Big Heart" - Gibson Miller Band

Toe touches:

1. Right heel touch forward
2. Right heel back home
3. Left heel touch forward
4. Left heel back home
5. Right heel touch forward
6. Right heel back home
7. Left heel touch forward
8. Left heel back home

Heel and toe taps:

9. and 10. Tap right heel forward two times
11. and l2. Tap right toe behind two times

Leg hitches:

13. Touch right heel forward
14. Hitch right leg up (knee up off of floor about l2")
15. Touch right heel forward
16. Hitch right leg up (knee up off of floor about l2")
17. Touch right heel forward
18. Bring right foot back home
19. Touch left heel forward
20. Hitch left leg up (knee off of floor about 12")

Left vine with 1/2 turn left

21. Step left foot to left side
22. Step right foot behind left foot
23. Step left foot to left side as you make l/2 turn left
24. Touch right toe back home

Right vine with 1/4 turn to right

25. Step right foot to right side
26. Step left foot behind right foot
27. Step right foot to right side as you turn l/4 turn to right
28. Step left foot beside right (weight on left foot)

Right jazz square

29. Right foot step forward
30. Step left foot across right
31. Step back on right foot
32. Step left foot back home

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Submitted by:
Andrew Wild


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