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Country Line Dance:
Copperhead Road
1. right heel touches out
2. right foot steps back together
3. touch left toe behind right foot
4. bring left foot back together
5. touch right toe behind left foot
6. bring right foot back together
7. cross left foot behind right putting weight on left foot
8. turn 1/4 turn to right putting weight down on right foot
9. chug with left foot
10. chug with left foot


11. left foot steps to left
12. right foot steps to left behind left leg
13. left foot steps to left
14. kick right foot behind left leg slapping heel of boot with left hand


15. right foot steps to right
16. left foot steps to right behind right leg
17. right foot steps to right
18. kick left foot behind right leg slapping heel of boot with right hand
19. left foot steps back
20. right foot steps back
21. left foot steps back
22. chug with right foot
23. step down on right foot
24. bring left foot together with right

Dance begins again.

This dance can also be done as a couples dance using the cape position.  

Submitted by:
Andrew Wild


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