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Country Line Dance:
Flying 8's
1. left foot steps to left
2. right foot steps to left behind left foot
3. left foot steps to left
4. kick with right foot
5. right foot steps to right
6. left foot steps to right behind right foot

7. right foot steps to right
8. kick with left foot as you pivot on ball of right foot 1/4 turn to right
9. left foot steps left
10. right foot steps left behind left foot
11. left foot steps left
12. kick with right foot as you pivot on ball of left foot 3/4 turn to left

13. stomp with right foot
14. stomp moving forward with left foot
15. stomp moving forward with right foot
16. chug with left foot
17. chug with right foot
18. chug with left foot

Dance begins again...

Chug is similar to a hop. Chug with right foot means that the right leg is in the air bent at knee and a hop is done on your left leg.  

Submitted by:
Andrew Wild


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