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Ballroom Dance:
Tango Corte
Men's Steps

(The woman is in standard dance position in front of the man)

1 - 2. Step back toward 7:30 with the LF so that the left toe points toward 10:30 (S)
3 - 4. Rock forward onto the RF (S)
5. Step forward with the LF toward 10:30 between the woman's feet (Q)
6. Step side right with the RF toward 12:00 facing 9:00 (Q)
7 - 8. Slide the LF to the RF slowly and touch the LF next to the RF with the left heel slightly up (S)

Women's Steps

(The man is in standard dance position in front of the woman)

1 - 2. Step forward with the RF between the man's feet and point the left toe to the left (3:00) (S)
3 - 4. Rock back onto the LF (S)
5. Step back with the RF toward 10:30 facing 4:30 (Q)
6. Step side left with LF toward 12:00 and facing 3:00 (Q)
7 - 8. Slide the RF to the LF slowly and touch the RF next to the LF with right heel up (S)

Right Foot
LF Left Foot
(S) Slow Step, 2 beats of music
(Q) Quick Step, 1 beat of music
Each number represents a beat of music

Music for practice:
Blue Tango
La Comparsita
Hernandos Hideaway

Submitted by:
Cut-A-Rug D.J. and Dance Enterprises Inc.
Roslyn Valley, Pennsylvania


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