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Country Line Dance:
The Macarena
Good hip motion is essential to this dance. Now you can show everyone how to dance the Macarena at your next party!

1. Right hand goes out palm down.

2. Left hand goes out palm down.

3. Right palm up.

4. Left palm up.

5. Right hand to left shoulder.

6. Left hand to right shoulder.

7. Right hand to right back of ear.

8. left hand to left back of ear.

9. Right hand to left hip.

10. Left hand to right hip.

11. Right hand to right buns.

12. Left hand to left buns.

13. Roll hips with hands on buns.

14. Roll hips with hands on buns.

15. Roll hips with hands on buns.

16. With small jump turn 1/4 turn to right, hands still on buns and hips rolling.

There is some debate over whether the turn is to the left, or to the right. If you "double-time" your hip rolls (in Spanish/Latin dance style), the natural action is to the right, while people with only normal energy levels often use a single-time hip roll, in which case it's easier to turn to the left.

Do your own thing!

Happy Dancing !!! 

Submitted by:
Andrew Wild


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