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Party Game
Fox and Geese
Played on a snow-covered field.

A large wagon wheel shape (20 to 30 feet across) is made by stamping down the snow.

If you don't have snow, you can make the pattern on concrete using chalk, or tape on a floor.

The "fox" starts in the middle and the "geese" on the outside circle of the wheel.

Players can only run on the spokes or outside circle of the wheel.

The geese try and make it to the middles of the wheel.

The fox tries tag the geese, and protect the middle of the wheel.

If a goose gets tagged, they are out of the game.

The first goose to make it to the middle gets to be the fox for the next round.

If the fox gets all the geese, they get to be fox again. 

Submitted by:
Duane Jones and Family


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