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One person is "it". They run around and try to tag someone else, who then is "it".


Don't be "it"!

Other players usually chide the one who's "it", with phrases like "nanny-nanny-boo-boo", and "you can't catch me!"

One common rule is, "no tag-backs", which means you have to tag someone other than the person who just tagged you.

Tag Classic Variation:

Choose a place or thing to be the "base". Players cannot be tagged while on the base, but the one who is "it" can count to ten, after which all the players have to get off the base (at least for a few seconds).

We like to play at the park, where there are lots of things to climb on, run over, crawl under, and hide behind.



Played the same as regular tag, but instead of tagging the person who is "it" throws a ball to try and hit another player. If you get hit, you are it. A soft rubber ball works best. Try playing this at night!


Same as regular Tag, but when a player is tagged, they must freeze where they are. The person who is "it" tries to get everyone frozen. If another player can get to someone who is frozen and tag them, then they can go free. Once everyone is frozen, the first person frozen is it, and the game starts over.


Played the same as ball tag, but using a small, soft ball. Players are "safe" as long as they lay flat on the ground. They can then jump up and run, but only while the person who is "it" holds the ball. When they throw the ball, everyone dives for "cover".


Same as regular Freeze Tag, but in order to unfreeze someone, you must crawl through their legs. A player who is in this process (in the "tunnel") is safe, and cannot be tagged.


Played like regular tag, except players may sit down and call out the name of a TV show (no repeats allowed). This gives them a 10 second "safe" time, after which they have to get up and run again. 

Submitted by:
Duane Jones and Family


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