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Party Game
Can be played in a large hall, or any open area.

Players stand in a circle, with one person in the middle holding the ball. They throw the ball up into the air and call the name of another player. That player catches the ball, and yells, "SPUD!" All the other players run as far as they can, away from the ball.

When SPUD is called, they have to stop where they are. The player with the ball then rolls the ball and tries to hit any player. If the player is hit, they get a letter (S-P-U-D).

The game is then repeated.

The player who is hit gets to throw the ball up, or if they were missed, the person rolling the ball gets to do it.

Once a player gets all four letters, they are out of the game.

Last player left wins! 

Submitted by:
Duane Jones and Family


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