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Party Game
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Players sit in a circle.

Each seat is assigned a name or number, starting with Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, one, two, three, etc.

Everyone joins in, repeating a four-count rhythm, slapping their legs twice, clapping once, and snapping their fingers once (slap, slap, clap, snap).

"Matthew" always starts.

On the fourth count (finger snap), he calls the name/number of another position. That person must then call out the name/number of another's position on the following fourth count (finger snap). If someone misses the rhythm, calls their own name or number, etc., they go to the last position, and the game starts over.

Become Matthew, and stay in that position as long as possible.

Instead of calling out names or numbers, act out playing a musical instrument: a two count movement on the third and fourth counts (instead of clapping and snapping the fingers). Each person chooses their own instrument, such as bowing a violin, strumming a guitar, tooting a flute, sliding a trombone, etc.

Submitted by:
Duane Jones and Family


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