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Party Game
Capture the Flag
  • A flag for each team.

    Anything visible works such as bandanas, shirts, etc.

    Players are divided into two teams.

    A good playing area is fairly level, and has lots of rocks and trees to hide behind. The area is divided into two halves, each belonging to a team. Each team chooses a location in their area for the flag which must be in plain site, and a prison.

    The object of the game is to steal the other team's flag and return it to your area without getting tagged by a member of the other team.

    Players who get tagged in the other team's area must go to that team's prison, and remain there until a member of their own team can tag them and free them. Once a player has reached the prison, and frees their teammates, all get a "free walk" back to their own area.

    For added fun, trying playing this at night, or if you have lots of players, try playing with more than two teams! 

    Submitted by:
    Duane Jones and Family


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