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Baby Shower Game:
A Mother's Purse
Read a list of items and ask each guest to try and find it in her purse.

Assign each item with points (the odder the item, the higher the points).

The person with the most points is the winner.

The List:

  • Something that rattles (besides keys and loose change)
  • Something that is pink
  • Something that is blue
  • A crayon
  • A baby picture
  • A picture of a group of children
  • At least one dollar in coins
  • A toy
  • Something that a child could write on
  • Something that bounces
  • Something that squeaks
  • Something that is soft
  • A napkin or wet wipe
  • A piece of candy
  • A non-sweet snack
  • A safety pin 
    Submitted by:
    Chewelah, Washington


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