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Baby Shower Game:
Baby Word Scramble
Pick ten or so words related to babies and scramble up the letters.

Photocopy the scramble words on a sheet of paper for each guest.

Place a time limit of five (5) minutes for everyone to try to unscramble the words.

Below is a sample of twenty words to get you started (some easy, some hard).

Sitbenas - Bassinet
Searance - Cesarean
Raxbont Kisch - Braxton Hicks
Treesbidganef - Breastfeeding
Irnbhgit Moro - Birthing Room
Raragice - Carriage
Peidar - Diaper
Kirgonc Hicar - Rocking Chair
Yabb Gnisw - Baby Swing
Gapar Sett - Apgar Test
Licoc - Colic
Rupb - Burp
Raprengdtasn - Grandparents
Tspi Pu - Spit Up
Webnonr - Newborn
Tolbet - Bottle
Akeblnt - Blanket
Ditmnhig Nesegfid - Midnight Feeding
Declra - Cradle
Goconi - Cooing

Submitted by:
Chewelah, Washington


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