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Baby Shower Game:
Guess The Baby Food
Buy 10 jars of strained baby food:
  • Pears
  • Dutch Apple
  • Green Beans
  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Squash
  • Beets
  • etc

    Write a number with a permanent black marker or something similar on top of the jar.

    Write the corresponding numbers on a sheet of paper and next to the number on the paper be sure you write the name of the baby food

    Now you take the labels off the jars and have the guests try to guess what they are (NO tasting!).

    Because so many baby foods are similar in color, you can have a lot of fun with this.

    Pass the jars around and give out a paper numbered 1 to 10 to write guesss on.

    You can use a box or something similar to place the baby food in, but a really good idea is to buy a baby food caddy (available at most stores where you find baby items) and use it to hold the jars.

    It also makes a great gift for the expectant mom when the shower is over.

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    Submitted by:
    Tamara Becker


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