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Clowning and Your Party
Having a professional clown at any gathering always increases the smile output.

Whether it's a birthday party, company picnic, school event, or church social, a clown can make that event memorable.

A good clown can provide entertainment such as:

  • Crazy Magic Shows
  • Fun Balloon Animals
  • Silly Juggling
  • Songs
  • Skits
  • Games
  • Face Painting
  • Whatever your event calls for!

    For birthday parties, you will find a clown works best with ages five to seven.

    Over eight tends to be too old for a clown and you should look towards hiring a magician or something similar.

    Four year olds can sometimes work, depending on the timidness of the child.

    Three and under are usually better off with some fun games that you can create on your own. It's best to let them grow up some before thinking of clown entertainment.

    Company picnics and church socials are places that a clown does some of his or her best work. This comes in handy when trying to make the boss happy after he throws the planning of the annual picnic in your lap.

    Children can be the hardest to keep happy during these picnics that aim to have more activities for the adults. Occupying the children for one to four hours with clown fun is a great way to make you and your company a winner for the summer. Balloons, magic, face painting and games can all be conducted by a versatile, professional clown.

    So the next time that event approaches... give some thought to hiring a professional clown, then sit back and enjoy the sound of happy children!


  • Submitted by:
    Rick Struve (Soda Pop the Clown)
    Cedar Rapids,


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