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The Birthday Party
Celebrating a birthday with a party is a wonderful, happy endeavor.
Here are some ideas on how to make it really special.


No matter what age the Birthday Boy/Girl is, (1 to 101), this is a staple of all birthday parties. The shape can be anything from round, to square and anything in between. Specialty cakes can also be made in such fun shapes as cars, animals, trains, football helmets, etc. The sky is the limit.


Buy some colorful oak-tag (3' x 3') and decorate it with a picture of the Birthday Boy/Girl. Have each guest write a short message on it.
After, have the completed Sign-In Board framed and given as a gift.


Be creative by using any or all of the following:

Use many different colored balloons, or color-coordinate with the other decorations.

Hang them across the room and again, make sure that they compliment the other decorations.

Place the centerpiece in the middle of the table. It can be anything from a nice bouquet of flowers to a teddy bear to a cartoon cutout. Match it to the honoree's personality.

Comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Lightly spreading some on the table adds to the festive mood of the party.

Pictures of the Birthday Boy/Girl:
Have some pictures blown up and attached to the walls. If the Birthday Boy/Girl is an adult, place some childhood images up.


This can be anything from a Band or DJ, to a Clown or Magician to a Comedian. The most important thing is to have the entertainment appeal to both the Birthday Boy/Girl and to the invited guests. Whatever you choose, it can only enhance the party.


Choose a location to have the party that most appeals to you. Consider a restaurant, banquet hall or someone's backyard. You can prepare the food yourself, or have it catered. Whatever you decide, make sure that it's within your budget. Also, if it's a surprise, make sure that you have a plan on how to get the Birthday Boy/Girl to the location without them knowing about the party.


Make sure to have video and still cameras on hand to capture the moment. Place a few disposable cameras on each table and encourage your guests to snap away.

Have Fun! 



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