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How To Party Without
Eating Like Crazy
Before The Party

Drink a couple of glasses of water.
This fills you up without any caloric intake.
It also keeps you from overeating, especially during the cocktail hour, when the high calorie foods are usually served.

Cocktail Hour

The Buffet Table:
Stick with fresh veggies and fruits.
Limit your portions.
Stay away from fried foods and pastas in heavy cream sauces.

Remember that alcohol contains many calories.
If you're going to drink, limit your consumption.

Time spent talking with other guests leaves less time to munch.
Give more importance to the social aspect of the party.

Main Course

Whatever you choose to eat, remember that you don't have to finish everything on your plate.
Steamed veggies and baked potatoes will fill you up and are generally healthier to eat.
Enjoy the entree, but concentrate on the healthy side dishes.

Limit what you consume.
Instead of taking a huge piece of cake, take a smaller piece.
You'll still enjoy this part of the meal without any guilt trip.

The Party Itself

A great way to exercise, burn calories and have fun in the process.
Get up and boogie all you want.

Don't be afraid to get out of your chair and walk around the room between courses.
Remember, when you are moving in any way, shape or form, you're burning calories.
Mingling does a body good!

Whatever you do, enjoy the party, keeping it the focus as opposed to the food. 



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