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How to Plan
The Perfect Party
Having a party?
Here are a few suggestions to help make it a great success!

Planning Your Party Ahead Of Time

  • Plan ahead, it's attention to detail that makes the difference.
  • Allow plenty of time to prepare, make a list and shop smart.
  • Things are hectic when party-time approaches so stay organized.

    Hors D'oeuvres

  • Choose your finger snacks carefully.
  • Choose foods that complement each other.
  • Try setting a theme for the food in each room or on each table.
  • Allow 4 to 6 hot hors d'oeurves per person.
  • Don't serve gooey, drippy sauces near expensive rugs or furniture.


  • Written invites are a great idea.
  • Try to make them fun and different.
  • Use your personality but don't forget the basics like: hours.
  • Tell your guests when the party starts and when it will end.
  • Specify the hour in advance to avoid confusion.
  • Let your guests know what kind of attire is appropriate.
  • If your anticipating a semi-formal gathering let them know.


  • If your guests are expected to bring their own booze, let them know in the invitation.
  • If your serving alcohol don't forget the ice.
  • You can never have too much ice at a party. Use quality ice for the best tasting mixed drinks.
  • Add fresh fruit to your shopping list. Limes, lemons and oranges should be sliced in advance.
  • Consider making two punch bowls; one with booze and one without.
  • Remember, you are responsible for the safety of your guests so do not encourage excessive drinking.


  • If your party is being held in a non-smoking household try to make accommodations for smokers.
  • A room with a fan blowing out is a nice thought.
  • If you do not have a place for smokers let them know in advance that the party is held in a non-smoking household.

    Guest Books

  • Providing a guest book can be much fun and help make the party memorable.
  • Don't be afraid to put out a guest book and invite your guests to sign-in as they arrive.


  • Create a festive party atmosphere with decorations, scents and music.
  • Use scented candles or simmer a pot of water with cinnamon and citrus fruit to fill the house with a delightful aroma.
  • Choose your favorite music and have it playing softly in the background when guests arrive.
  • Consider unplugging or removing your television if it's located in the party area. Nothing spoils the interaction of guests quicker than a group of people huddled around a television set.


  • Creative lighting will contribute much to the atmosphere.
  • Try replacing some bulbs with colored lamps or low wattage bulbs.


  • Try to make provisions for parking in advance.
  • If you will be allowing guests to park on the lawn or in the back yard, let them know in your invitation.
  • Ask your neighbors about parking options or warn them that guests will be parking on the street.


  • Consider removing all the chairs from the party area. This will create more room for people to mingle.


  • A scented candle in the bathroom is a nice touch.
  • Leave an extra roll of toilet tissue in easy view.

    Accidents and Spills

  • Accidents are part of life.
  • Don't let an accident or spill ruin the party.
  • Have some spot remover on hand just in case.


  • It's always a good idea to bring a small gift to a party even if the host or hostess instructs you not to in the invitation.
  • Bring along a bottle of wine, some flowers or chocolates to show your appreciation.

    Coffee & Snacks

  • You can never have too much food at a party.
  • Be sure to have plenty of hot coffee and snacks on hand for late in the evening.
  • Now that the work is done, relax!
  • Let your guests enjoy themselves.
  • With the proper ingredients in place everyone should have a great time.
  • With good food, good cheer and good friends you can't miss!
  • Party hearty and have fun!
  • Make room for guests who have had too much to eat or drink.
  • Don't let a guest who over drinks drive. It could save a life and save YOU from a lawsuit.  
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