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Should I try on my wedding duds
before the wedding day?
It seems too simple and straightforward. Of course you should verify that your wedding duds will fit.

If the men are renting their tuxedos, they need to be accurately fitted. But all that measuring means nothing if some spaced-out employee grabs the wrong pants off the shelf for you.

Try it all on when you pick up the tux. This involves time you may think you don't have, but you may not want your coat sleeves to be of different lengths, or your shirt to have no buttons or your pants too tight and split up the back when you put them on.

The tuxedo rental outlet may not be within easy reach on the day of the wedding.

At a Sunday afternoon wedding, the groom found he had no pants provided with his tuxedo. He called the rental place to find they were closed on Sunday. 

Submitted by:
Dave Sugarbaker


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