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Wedding Ring Details
If the Bride is wearing gloves, check to see if the ring will fit reasonably over the glove. That's one option.

Another easy one is to remove your gloves after the processional and hand both gloves and bouquet to your attendant. Some brides split the seam of the ring finger of the left glove, so they can continue to wear both gloves and yet have the ring finger exposed.

What To Do With the Engagement Ring During the Wedding

There Are 3 Straightforward Options:

1st Strategy:
Leave the engagement ring where it is on your left finger. Have the Groom slip the wedding band on. As soon as the ceremony is over, take both rings off and fit them together if they form a set, and/or rearrange them so the wedding band is "closest to your heart."

2nd Strategy:
Wear the engagement ring for the duration of the ceremony on your right hand. This may throw the Groom off and cause him to try to put the wedding band on your right hand if he sees the engagement ring there. (Stranger things have happened.)

3rd Strategy:
Give the engagement ring to your Maid of Honor for safekeeping for the duration of the ceremony.

If the engagement ring and the wedding band are an interlocking set, do you plan to have them welded together by a jeweler to minimize the wear on the two rings from rubbing together? If so, you might consider having them welded prior to the wedding so the Groom can place the completed set on your finger. 

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Dave Sugarbaker


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