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Why not have an aisle runner
at your wedding ceremony?
The white aisle runner was first employed so the Bride wouldn't get her dress muddy.

In the days when roads were unpaved, wedding guests would arrive and track in dirt or mud from the streets. It didn't seem right for the Bride to drag the hem of her dress in the mud, so a clean white runner was laid down for the Bride.

These days most indoor locations don't have problems with guests tracking dirt and mud into the room.

Unless you can secure it really well, don't consider having an aisle runner. They don't stay where you put them.

Your photographer will be taking pictures from the back of the room and one of the most prominent features will be the white aisle runner pulled and stretched this way and that by the procession of Bride and bridesmaids.

Don't use either a cloth or plastic aisle runner outside over grass unless it is backed by plywood or something solid. The women's heels will go through the runner into the sod beneath.

Secure it well.

Taping or tacking it at both ends will not keep it from being picked up by a breeze. 

Submitted by:
Dave Sugarbaker


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