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Kneeling tips for
the wedding ceremony
If you are to kneel during the wedding, there's a choreography to it. As you go from standing to kneeling, the Bride should precede the Groom by just a fraction of a second.

Hold your Bride's hand and steady her as she kneels. Getting up is trickier. The Groom should rise just a fraction of a second before the Bride and again offer his hand to help her stand up. It can be tricky in a long dress.

If you're going to kneel during the wedding ceremony, don't let any of your Groomsmen get at your shoes! Two reasons: First, they may write "HE" on your left sole and "LP" on your right. It's good for a laugh during the ceremony, but it's an old joke.

Second, if those madcap Groomsmen write on the soles of your shoes, it may rub off and damage carpets or floors you walk on unawares. You may be liable for the cleaning bill. 

Submitted by:
Dave Sugarbaker


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