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Solos and soloists
during the wedding ceremony
If you plan 1 solo during the wedding:
The best "window" for it would be after the Vows and before the Rings Exchange.

If you plan 2 solos during the wedding:
Put one after the moms are seated but before the processional and the other between Vows and Rings.

Arrange with your soloist and whoever will accompany your soloist to rehearse their music at a time other than your wedding rehearsal! The soloist's attendance at your wedding rehearsal might still be a good idea, but only to get an idea of the physical space in which they will be singing... not to rehearse their music during your rehearsal.

Some couples plan a solo while they light the Unity candle. If there are more solos desired, these might best be placed before the wedding, during the Prelude time, before the seating of the immediate families, or as background for the seating of the immediate families. Some couples plan a vocal solo as their Processional music.

If you plan for more than 2 solos during the actual wedding ceremony:
The event might take on more of the flavor of a musical recital, rather than a recital of your wedding vows.

Don't ask a soloist to sing during your Recessional. Based on 4000 weddings' experience, it's hard on the soloist to be singing to an emptying house. 

Submitted by:
Dave Sugarbaker


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