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Can we use taped music
in our wedding cermemony?
Live music is better, but taped music or CDs work fine if you plan well, and if the wedding location allows it. Record the music "flat;" that is, with no extra bass or treble added. You will need someone with good instructions to push the buttons. ALWAYS check recorded music at the wedding site beforehand to adjust volume.

If you want taped music as prelude music, record twice as much as you think you will ever need for the prelude. The same tape can be used immediately following the wedding as mingling or background music, if you wish.

If you incorporate taped music in your wedding as Bridesmaid's and/or Bride's processional, solo or accompaniment for soloists, or recessional, put each selection on a separate cassette tape, clearly labeled as to which is the correct side. The person running the tape player should be asked not to simply stop any tape in mid-song. If the Bridesmaids have all arrived and it's time to switch to the Bride's distinctive processional music, the first tape should be slowly "faded out," the machine shut off, and the new tape put in and started. 

Submitted by:
Dave Sugarbaker


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