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The coins, veil and lasso (cord)
and the wedding ceremony
These traditions are usually associated with Hispanic and Filipino families.

The coins are carried by either an attendant or an especially-designated extra member of the wedding party. After the rings exchange, the Groom is given the coins, which he then gives to the Bride. The Bride gives them in turn to her Maid of Honor. The symbolism, which may be explained by the officiant, is that the Groom recognizes his responsibility as a provider.

The Veil and the Lasso are both associated with a wedding prayer during the ceremony. Special additional members of the wedding party may be in charge of "lassoing" the Bride and Groom together after they kneel for the wedding prayer. They drape what is usually a white satin circle of cord around the shoulders of the kneeling Bride and Groom.

After the Lasso, the Veil is placed over the shoulders of the Groom and the shoulders or head and shoulders of the Bride. It may have to be pinned in place in order to stay. Thus tied together symbolically, the couple remains kneeling for the prayer.

After the prayer and before either attempts to rise, the Veil and then the Lasso is removed by the same people who put it on. 

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Dave Sugarbaker


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