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Ways to include minor children
of the bride or groom
Some couples present a medallion or gift in recognition of the children they bring with them into the marriage.

One couple, each in their 2nd marriage and bringing children to their marriage, called their 4 children (3 his; 1 hers) to the altar and presented each with a beautiful, engraved keychain and a key to their new home.

The engraving included the name of the child and on the other side:
The Door is Always Open.

It was a beautiful and welcoming gesture to their children, who may have had some mixed emotions at seeing their parent marrying again.

Other ways to incorporate your children include nominating them to be:

  • Flower Girls
  • Ring Bearers
  • Junior Bridesmaids or Ushers
  • Best Man or Maid of Honor (if 8 Years Old or Older)

    Other roles for the children of the Bride or Groom might be t :

  • Escort the Bride, Especially if it's the Bride's Child(ren)
  • Tend the Guest Book
  • Distribute Favors and/or the Rice Before the Bride and Groom Leave the Reception 
    Submitted by:
    Dave Sugarbaker


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