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50's Theme Party
Have a 50's party. Wear (or create) poodle skirts, bobby-sox and saddle shoes. Or wear leather, slick your hair into a d.a. and cruise town in a pink convertible.

Transform your party room into a soda fountain: buy an inflatable jukebox, or fashion one out of cardboard.

Use old 45's or LP's to decorate the room.

Serve ice cream sodas with 2 straws...have a create your own ice cream concoction contest.

How about a jitterbug competition.

A 50's Name that Tune would be a challenge.

If you can obtain pin-ups (photos) of 50's stars, like Doris Day, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, you could play Name That 50's star.

Later, watch Grease, American Graffiti or Happy Days reruns. 

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