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1960s or 1970s Party Theme
Decorate 60's/70's style with strobe lights, lava lamps and black lights.

See if you can drum up a Peter Max poster, or make a psychedelic mural with your guests.

Wear your bell-bottoms and paisley, and don't forget the beads, medallions and head bands (which you all can make using craft foam).

You can even make a fringed vest out of brown paper grocery bags.

Meditate, or have a seance.

Light the incense (if it isn't too nauseating).

Get some tie-dye materials and dye sheets, pillow cases, towels, or t-shirts.

Too messy? Pick up some tubes of fabric paint and draw peace signs, 60's slogans, big daisies on shirts.

Hang a smiley-face pi–ata filled with groovy prizes and candy.

Have one special item that corresponds to a bigger prize, for example a gold coin that is redeemable for a far-out poster.

Turn off the room lights, turn on the lava lamp and dance to some seriously groovy music.


Make sure it's not too dark to run the cam-corder!

Later, put on some old videos, such as the Brady Bunch or the Monkees tv shows. 

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