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Oh To Be A Kid Again Party
Pick an age, any age.

Did you enjoy kindergarten?
(stupid question.)

Too stressful?

How about infancy?

  • Dress accordingly down to the diaper.
    (I'm not recommending that you actually USE it!)

  • Suck a pacifier and snuggle with a blankie.

  • Lick lollipops and sing The wheels on the bus.

  • I HIGHLY recommend play-doh and finger-painting...truly therapeutic.

  • Watch your favorite Disney video, Looney Tunes or, Dare I say it, Barney?

  • Play musical chairs and pin-the-tail on...whatever.

  • If the prizes are worthwhile, the games will be fun, right?

  • Bring out the Barbies and the GI Joes, stuffed animals.

  • Drink from a baby bottle and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  • Blow bubbles.

  • Listen to a little Raffi or Wee Sing.

  • When it gets tiresome, bring out the REAL food and put on some REAL music.

    Don't Forget To Take Pictures! 

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