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St. Patricks Day Party
Of course, every guest should wear green or run the risk of being pinched!

Most stores like WalMart, K-Mart, Target, etc., carry inexpensive St. Patrick's Day decorations. But to save money, you can buy a package of stickers of shamrocks and place them on solid white paper plates and napkins.

All foods served could have green in them, such as guacamole dip, pickles, green olives, spinach dip, and anything that you can dye green like French onion dip - do so with green food coloring.

Ham or turkey rollups have dill weed in them, giving them a little green color. You can serve a zesty picnic bread, throwing a little green food coloring into the beer/oil mixture.

Make a Christmas cookie and ice it lightly with vanilla cake frosting that you have dyed green with food coloring.

If you want to serve a light supper, try an orange mandarin salad, or broccoli frittata.

Make a centerpiece with greenery, green candles of varying heights, and the candy wrapped to look like gold coins (or use gold foil to wrap hard round candy) scattered around the candles.

Use any small container as your "pot of gold" and place it in the center.

Guinness is of course the beer of Ireland, but if you would like to serve other beverages, try garnishing them with a slice of green lime. A delicious punch is made by simply placing a half gallon of lime sherbert in a punchbowl and pouring in the 7-up.

Pick up a cassette or CD of Gaelic or Celtic music and play it in the background for that true Irish atmosphere.

Purchase numerous plastic green St. Patrick's Day Hats and use them as chip and dip bowls. 

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