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Toga Party    

The industry standard for NORMAL people is 2.5 drinks for an ENTIRE EVENING.

The 2.5 drinks per person per evening served my crowd very well and I had a very diverse crowd of all ages and types at my toga party.

Have NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks available.

For 35 people showing up I spent:

  • $150.00 for beer and wine
  • $150.00 for food

    Food Stuff:

  • A little cheese
  • Sliced meat rolls such as ham and turkey
  • Cocktail onions, pickles, olives
  • Salty treats, such as potato chips and pretzels and nuts
  • Soft drinks of the clear and dark variety
  • Pasta dishes

    You're on your own on food. Be creative!

    About 10 pounds of ice per 3 people.


    Apartments are often the first and last resort.

    You MUST know someone whose apartment offices have a fancy club for rent.

    Veterans' Group Halls, Sons of Herman Hall, Am Vets Hall can be had very cheap.

    Have a sound system. Play all kinds of music.

    Print invitations at least 1 month in advance.

    The average Show Factor of invitations to 'show up' is between 35% and 55%.

    You must decide if togas are mandatory for toga related parties.
    At my toga party, togas were MANDATORY.

    Have dumb gifts, nothing over three dollers for best, worst, stupidest toga.

    How To Make A Toga:

    Now on to the the serious business of toga-tying....

    Don't use a sheet.
    Let me repeat that...
    Don't use a sheet.

    Go to a cloth store and BUY SOMETHING GOOD and, [shock of the century] SHEETS ARE REALLY EXPENSIVE! CLOTH IS CHEAPER. Really!

    (I also know that some of you are like writing this at 10:00 PM needing a toga by 8:00 AM, so in your case, you HAVE to use a sheet.)

    Anyway, trust me on this you can go the cloth store and buy a few yards of REALLY CHEAP CLOTH and that probably looks a lot cooler than any crappy/(yourmother's) sheets would. The bold exception once was gold satin wrapped around an attractive young woman once. Yeah, that was a good exception, but still...

    Plus, at the cloth store, you can get some cool fabric that really represents your personality, whether it be royal purple or Snoopy designs or Tone Loc. Or not.

    Buy several yards, like three or four. It takes about three feet to go around your waist, and you need to wrap it at least 1.5 times around your waist before you throw the remainder over your shoulder (either shoulder). Then bring the fabric back to the waist, and tie it up or wrap it some more or whatever. Women will (possibly) want to tie the fabric carefully to preserve modesty (or not) around the bustal region.

    New information just in!

    Apparently they wore tunic-like shirt things underneath the basic toga wrap. This bare shouldered thing is apparently a myth created by American college fraternities.

    The Design Is Simple:

  • Around the waist at least once
  • Pin it at that point
  • Throw the rest over one shoulder
  • Around the back
  • Pin it again at the waist
  • Wear gym shorts underneath (this is a flexible point)
  • Try to wear sandals, if possible

    Now that's the basic design. Used by males at least.

    Variations used by females would be to use the some basic wrap design, of some form, often followed by small horizontal bands (leather, chain, whatever), accentuating waist and bust line. Usually women want to have the costume at least be attractive, whereas guys really don't care how dufus they look. In fact, the more dufus you look, the more your friends will make fun of you, and thus the more popular you will be at the party.

    Now For Some Hints For Men and Women:


    This is what really can make a costume. Guys, find some swords, fake preferably (get it at the toy store). Then you can take the plastic sword and actually hit people over the head with it and not kill anyone. Lots of gold chains, amulets, jewelry, you get the idea. Then for the head, I take a wire coat hanger and shape it into a circle that will fit my head. Then I get plastic (or real) leaves and wrap it around the wire hanger, and then put it on my head. I think it's called a laurel, or something like that. Looks cool.

    Have prizes for coolest, sexiest, dumbest, showing too much skin for a guy, etc. etc.  

    Submitted by:    
    Ron Turner
    Dallas, Texas


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