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Dinosaur Theme Party
These ideas will never be extinct!

Hide plastic eggs around the room and inside the eggs put a small dinosaur figure.

Play games like pin the tail on the T-Rex, have a bean bag toss, play a guessing game using dinosaur pictures.

Out of a large appliance box or by using dark colored sheets, create a cave effect. Inside the cave, have the children draw or write by placing large pieces of posterboard or cardboard. You may even want to post some cardboard cutouts of prehistoric dinosaurs.

As your guests leave, present them with their party favor which could be a 12"-15" dinosaur egg made of paper mache. It's very easy to make, but time-consuming.

The party favors can be placed inside!


Offer your guests dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets or dino shaped sandwiches using a cookie cutter found in most craft or kitchen stores.


Use any dinosaur figures you may have to place around the table or party area. Decorate with green, purple, and red balloons and streamers.


  • Stickers
  • Tattoos
  • Dinosaur figures
  • Pencils
  • Dinosaur fruit snacks

    Candy treats will do the trick and they're sure to love that huge dinosaur egg!

    But if that's not gonna happen, a loot bag will do just fine.

    Have fun! 

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