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Science Party
Experiment with a new theme party idea!

With the help of another adult or 2, create different stations of experiments that the children can do without making too much of a mess. Smaller groups work better.

Some experiments that can be done are:

  • Ice-cream making
  • Tornado in a bottle
  • Bobbing raisins
  • Shooting rockets
  • Goop/putty

    These ideas are simple and do not take many ingredients to make.
    Contact source for recipes and instructions.


    Hands-On-Hotdogs, Scientific soda, Test-tube tacos are a few of the experimental foods to offer at this party. To make a cake in the shape of a test tube, bake in rectangular pan, freeze until hard enough and cut in the shape of a test tube.


    Anything related to this subject will work. Put a posterboard up saying

    Welcome to _______'s Lab.

    If you have a microscope, put it out! Use different colors for balloons and streamers such as silver, gold, black and purple.


    You could offer each child some goop/putty, magnifying glasses, flashlights, disappearing ink, funny glasses, sticky insects and a set of instructions for experiments that parents could do with the child. 

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