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Picnic Party Swap
Everyone invited brings a picnic basket filled with their favorite foods.They can be bought or homemade. Include a main dish, or dishes and desert as a minimum.

Picnic money (bingo chips, or tickets) can be earned by competition.

Examples are:

  • Wearing the most red
  • Showing up the first
  • Name 3 cities beginning with the letter T.

    ...you get the idea.

    Be creative, but make sure everyone gets some money.

    Auction off the picnic baskets using the money and let the bidding begin!

    This party is fun for all ages, but it helps if you can count.

    For young, or young at heart, you could bring your favorite bear.

    Don't forget those checkered table cloths.

    It's a fun version of potluck supper without the hassle of preparing food for the masses.

    Good luck : ) 

    Submitted by:
    Lori-ann Richard and Susan Lirette
    New Brunswick, Canada


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