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Halloween Party
We recently had a Halloween party, just for the fun of it.

I live in a 25 bedroom house, so it's very big.

For the party, we covered all of the furniture in every room with old dust sheets to give a spooky old effect. We hung pumpkins everywhere and also filled every room with big white and black church candles.

The only light we allowed that night was candlelight.

It was a great effect!

We also cut out some pumpkins and used them as bowls for the nibbles.

Everyone came in costume and had a great time.

We used angel hair and silly string to give an effect of cobwebs everywhere and lots and lots of those gross little black spiders and bugs you can buy in most joke shops.

In the main welcome room of the house we laid out a coffin, we dressed up my brother in a vampire outfit and paid him to lie in the coffin all night moving every now and then.

It was brilliant!

We hope this info about our party helps. 

Submitted by:
Will Sherwin


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