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Halloween Party #2
You need a friendly neighbourhood engineer for this.

We rigged up the doorbell, so it let out an earpiercing scream when it was pushed. It fightened off a few trick-or-treaters, but made our arriving guests giggle.

We placed an infra-red sensor in the bathroom, which set off an evil hollow laugh when anyone went to the loo (bathroom). If the guest didn't go in looking pale and ashen, they certainly did when they came out.

We had a plant which moved up and down the television, using a handmade wheeled platform and electronic timer.

At 11pm, all the lights went out and the evil laugh from the bathroom was played at deafening level. Scared everyone witless!


  • Lichees with red colouring in the centre make great eyeballs.
  • Chocolate brownies with angelica crosses for coffins.
  • Blackcurrant jelly (spiked with rum) and orange jelly (with vodka).

    Note: Alcohol to be used for adults only! 

    Submitted by:
    Clare Perry


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