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Mice Party
This is a very cute party theme for kids, especially for girls.


Cut out rectangles from gray construction paper and fold them in order to get an inside and an outside. Stick pictures of mice (you can cut them out from Mickey Mouse magazines) on the inside and outside.

On the inside of the invitation card write:

You are cordially invited to a mice party to celebrate my birthday!

Please dress up as a mouse!
You can wear black, gray or white leggings and a T-shirt or leotard in the same color.
Do not forget the mouse-tail and big ears as well as a black nose and whiskers.


  • Gray and white balloons or confetti everywhere
  • Hang up posters or pictures of mice to the walls
  • White or gray tablecloth
  • Put mice figures and pieces of cheese on the tables.


    Mice love cheese, so serve cheese cake, cheese pizza or other things made with cheese. Note that not every child likes cheese, so serve also things without cheese (chocolate cake, cookies etc.)!

    Almost every child loves ice cream, so serve the special Mice Ice Cream.

  • 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream decorated with a red nose (a cherry)
  • 2 eyes (small pieces of chocolate)
  • 2 big ears (two chocolate cookies)


    Make big gray gift bags for the kids. Fix a picture of a mouse to each bag.

    Fill the bag with:

  • Mickey Mouse magazine
  • Mouse stickers
  • Pencil printed with mice
  • Black or gray bracelet
  • Marshmallows
  • Bubble gum
  • Candy
  • Chocolate bars
  • Other sweets that kids love.

    If boys are invited please note that their bags might be a little bit different (for example they do not wear bracelets).


    Feed Search

    After separating the children into two teams, the adults tie up (for example with scarves) the eyes of each mouse. Then they hide a lot of marshmallows or other sweet candy in the whole house or flat. After that the adults remove the scarves and the mice have to search for their feed. The kids have to move on all fours (like real mice). When the children find the marshmallows they can eat them immediately. This game could last a long time but the kids will have a lot of fun. Pay attention that every child finds a lot of sweets. Every mouse should be lucky!

    Show also funny cartoons with mice on your TV. Then the children have a funny break between the games in order to rest.

    Cat and Mouse

    One adult plays the cat and tries to catch the mice. When a mouse is tagged by the cat the mouse has to sit down. The mouse that is still running when all others are out wins. Pay attention that the children do not stumble over their mouse-tails! Make them shorter if necessary.

    Mice Dance

    Play music and let the mice dance at their favorite songs.

    Take funny snapshots of every mouse with a Polaroid camera so that every child gets a photo of their cute costume. The photo would be cuter if the mouse has a slice of cheese in their mouth or hands. 

    Submitted by:
    Alexander Schoening



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