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Block Party Guide
Here are some great ideas on how to organize your next Block Party!

1. Poll your neighbors to gauge their interest in having a Summer block party.

2. Discuss and determine the best date and time for the party.

3. Personally deliver invitations. This is a great opportunity to meet new neighbors, recruit volunteers and exchange ideas.

4. Determine how the menu will be. Some block parties have each family bring their own meats and one dish. You can pre-assign a dessert or side dish to neighbors. One easy way is for odd address to bring desserts and even to bring side dishes or you can have a sign-up sheet. Otherwise, collect money in advance to buy main course meats.

5. For paper goods, plastic utensils, cups, and napkins you can have each neighbor donate a few dollars to purchase a Summer Theme party pack or require each family to bring their own.

6. Choose a convenient location, such as a private cul-de-sac, neighborhood park, or a blocked-off street. You will need permission from the city to block a street. If blocking the street put up wooden horses to stop traffic.

7. Sign-up neighbors to set up their portable grills.

8. Plan some fun events like volleyball, relay races, watermelon eating contest, hula hoop contest or limbo.

9. Have someone bring a portable stereo for music and maybe dancing later in the day.

10. Provide activities for kids. Have plenty of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, hula hoops, frisbees and other summer toys. If it's real hot, have a wading pool for little ones and water balloons for older kids. You can plan for child entertainment like a magician or face painter.

11. At one block party, we invited the local fire department. They came with their engine and let the kids tour it. It was really hot and they even showed everyone how the hoses worked. It was a lot of wet fun!

12. Invite an area business to join in the fun by donating attendance prizes, like discount coupons, free passes or a block party door prize.

13. If your block parties will run into the night, make sure you have outdoor candles ready.

14. Enjoy the party and before it ends, appoint next years organizers or committee.

Discuss new ideas for next year. 

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