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Alphabet Party

  • Glue with pasta letters
  • Sponge paint with letter shapes
  • Glue string in shapes of letters
  • Cut and paste letters and words from magazines
  • Make name tags
  • Color the letter your name begins with


  • Make a restaurant and label different food items, menu's, etc.


  • A-B-C-D
  • A - You're Adorable


    A - You're Adorable:

    A - you're adorable
    B - you're so beautiful
    C - you're a cutie full of charms
    D - you're delightful
    E - you're exciteful
    F - you're a feather in my arms
    G - you're so good to me
    H - you're so heavenly
    I - you're the one I love
    J - you're like Jack and Jill
    K - you're so kissable
    L - you're so lovable
    M,N,O,P - I could go on all day
    Q,R,S,T - alphabetically speaking, you're OK
    U - make my life complete
    V - you're so very sweet
    It's so nice to travel through, the alphabet with you
    To tell you what you mean to me!


  • There are many alphabet books... too numerous to name.


  • Going on a Picnic (list items for each letter of the alphabet)


  • Chalk the walk with letters
  • Alphabet romp (chalk letters all over the playground, children move around and when a letter is called out, they must stand on that letter) 
    Submitted by:
    A Child's Place: http://www.pathcom.com/~archjrc/



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