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Bad Taste Party
Last summer we held a bad taste party where guests showed up wearing their very best in terrible taste.

Friends came wearing items like:

  • Torn Stockings
  • Clashing Colors
  • Sagging Chests (bra filled with water balloons)
  • Housecoats
  • Curlers
  • Unbuttoned Shirts Showing Hairy Chests
  • Gold Chains

    ...You Name It!

    Our house looked tacky too:

  • Plastic Coverings On the Pillows
  • Sheets On the Sofa
  • Lit Up Santa In the Window

    A friend brought a huge velvet painting of a Mexican bandito for our dining wall.

    The food had to be in bad taste too, (the color of the food, shape of the dish) but taste good.

    Tofu Dogs- The worst item. They also tasted bad.
    Earthquake Cake- Tasted great but looked terrible.
    Cold Drinks- Stored in a toilet outside (it was a new toilet bowl, uninstalled).

    Bunko was the game we played and it was wild!

    Very, very fun night! 

    Submitted by:
    Melanie Boulton



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