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Cheap and Tacky Party
My last party was a huge hit...a cheap and tacky party!

Everyone was to wear the clothes that they couldn't sell at their last garage sale.
(Some pretty hideous stuff)

The worse you looked, the bigger the prize you got at the end of the night.

The prizes consisted of whatever I couldn't sell at my last garage sale such as:

  • Records
  • Smelly Clothes
  • Old Soap
  • Stacks of Linoleum Tiles
  • Moss Bird Houses.

    The best part had to be the
    Cheap and Tacky Gift Exchange

    People brought a wrapped gift to the party and swapped them,
    ending up with some wacky stuff like:

  • Half Used Tubes of Vaseline
  • Empty Bottles of Wine (a few drops left)
  • Candy Canes (it was May)
  • Scraps of Firewood
  • Other bizarre and completely useless things. 
    Submitted by:
    Heidi A. A. Babbel
    Vancouver, BC


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