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Backstreet Boys Party
Here are some great ideas for a Backstreet Boys theme party!

  • Give out invitations with Backstreet Boys pictures on them
  • Have their music playing
  • Watch videos of them.
  • Make a fanatic video and send it to MTV


    Gingerbread Backstreet Boys:
    Make giant cookies in the shape of the Backstreet Boys.
    Get colored frosting and little candies for the details and clothes.

    Custom Pizza:
    Buy tombstone pizza and spell out the name of the artist(s) with the toppings.
    Ask the pizza place if they can do it. Dominoes did it for us.


  • Use Nsync pinatas.
  • Have a trivia contest with questions about the Backstreet Boys.


  • Hand out Backstreet Boys pictures or, if you feel extra generous, cd singles.
  • Create group members out of popsicle sticks. 
    Submitted by:
    Jenny Espino (McLean)



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