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Christmas Party For Kids

Hand Print Trees:
Start with 5 hand prints on bottom, working up to 1 for the treetop. Decorate with ornaments and a star for the top.

Pine Cone Wreaths:
A glue gun is necessary.

Santa Candy Jars:
Decorate baby food jars with Santa's face using felt and cotton.
Add a felt hat with a pom-pom on the lid of the jar.
Fill with red and green candies.

Photo Ornaments:
Make clay and cut shapes with Christmas cookie cutters.
Paint when dry and shellac.
When shellac is dry, cut a photo of the child into the shape of the ornament and glue on the front.
Use glitter to decorate back of ornament.

Finger Paint:
Use red and green paint.

String Popcorn:
Use stale popcorn, a dull needle and thread. 3D Trees:
Cut 2 tree shapes from green bristle board.
Cut down center from top on one and from bottom on the other.
Put slats together so tree will stand.
Then Decorate.

Cut Christmas shapes out of felt and decorate.
Wrap ribbon around a wire coat hanger. Bend the top to form a circle.
Tie shapes to hanger with various lengths of ribbon.

Rudolph Candy Canes:
Add pipe cleaner antlers, red pom-pom and googly eyes to a candy cane.

Use a styrofoam ball for head.
Add wool for hair.Add felt facial features.
Make a cone from bristle board for the body.
Add wings.
Glue works best for this project.

Rudolph Wall Hanging:
You need string and red and green painted popsicle sticks.
You will use these to make the frame
Paint each child's foot brown and use the foot print for Rudolph's face.
Wait until paint is dry before continuing with project.
Remove child's shirt and paint arm 1/2 way up to the elbow and the hand.
Do one hand at a time!
Press print down for reindeer's antlers.
Add stickers or googly eyes and red pom-pom for the nose.
When dry, place the popsicle around the outside of the picture to frame it and glue in place.
Allow it to dry completely.
Take a large piece of rope (or twine - natural colored looks best) and feed through the popsicle stick frame on either side at the top for hanging.
These look beautiful and also make great presents for the parents.


Standard Christmas Songs and Stories:
Songbooks and storybooks are available at your local book and music store.


Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph:
Similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Pin the Star to the Top of the Tree:
Again, similar to above.

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