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Bird Party

Bird Marionette Puppets:
Roll 2 rectangles of construction paper into tubes.
Use the larger one for the body and a smaller one for the head.
Glue the tubes together.
Add feathers, beak, googly eyes, legs, feet, and wings.
Tie a string to 2 popsicle sticks formed into a lower case t.
Attach the strings to the bird and move sticks to make your marionette walk.

Make Believe Binoculars:
Made with tp tubes.
Use them for make believe bird watching.

Bird Cages:
Made with pipe cleaners and a bristle board bottom.
Add tweety birds to the cages.

Feather Painting:
Paint with feathers. Use a variety of colors.


Bird Watching:
Use your binoculars that you made for craft and go bird watching.
See how many birds you can identify.

Move Like Various Birds:

  • Flamingo Stance
  • Eagle Soar
  • Hummingbird Zip
  • Duck Waddle


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