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Road Transportation Party

A Mini Road:
Dip car wheels in paint and drive on paper to make road.

Traffic Lights:
Cut three circles and color them red, yellow and green.
Paste on an empty shoe box top to bottom
Red on top, yellow in the middle and green on the bottom.

Stop Signs:
Painted on construction paper.

Buses and People:
Drawn on construction paper.

For bike handles.

Traffic Signs:
Use wrapping paper tubes for pole.
Add sign and put on stand.

An Outdoor Road:
Draw a road on driveway for children to follow.
Bring out trikes and wagons.

The Officer:
Have a police hat and paper for a child to write tickets and to direct traffic.
Have a decorated bike parade.


Act out 5 people on the bus, singing The Wheels on the Bus.

Tape various types of noises:

  • Ambulance
  • Firetruck
  • PoliceCar
  • Cars Honking
    See who can identify the sounds.

    Play Red Light, Green Light


  • Submitted by:
    A Child's Place: http://www.pathcom.com/~archjrc/



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