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Railroad Transportation Party

Make a Train:
Paint shoe boxes.
Glue a t.p tube for the smokestack.
Attach with string for pulling.


  • I've Been Working on the Railroad


  • The Little Engine that Could


    Create a Train:
    Set up 4 chairs.
    Leave space between each.
    Set up a dining car (tables, chairs, menu, playfood, trays fo rserving)
    Set up 4 more chairs for the seating area .
    Add engineer's hat, conductor's hat and tickets.

  • Attach wagons or trikes to make a train.
  • Put hoola hoops on ground for make believe cars and add an engineer's hat.
  • Move around yard as a giant train.

    Play Red Light, Green Light.


  • Submitted by:
    A Child's Place: http://www.pathcom.com/~archjrc/



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