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Air Transportation Party

Paper Mache Balloons:
When dry, add margarine container basket with string for hot air balloon OR use real balloons.

Tie string to 4 corners of a piece of plastic and add a weight to center where strings meet .

Paper Airplanes:
Cut airplane shape from styrofoam tray, cut slit for wings, decorate with crayons, add wing in slit. It will really fly!

Fold paper into a small T shape and add a paper clip. It will twirl like the blades of a helicopter when dropped from a good height!


  • Set up:
  • Chairs for airplane
  • Trays for food
  • Cart for serving
  • Luggage
  • Weigh scale
  • Tickets


  • Two aisles
  • Pilot hat
  • Drawing of an instrument panel
  • Driving set
  • Drawings of clouds on paper sheets taped to wall.


    Balloon Game:
    See how long you can keep a balloon up without touching the ground.

    Balloon Volleyball :
    Make the net with 2 chairs and a rope.


    Visit an airport!


  • Submitted by:
    A Child's Place: http://www.pathcom.com/~archjrc/



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