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Fairy Party For Kids

Buy some fairy party invitations. You can find them in party shops or news agencies. Using a silver gel pen or any other nice pen, write out the invitations. Decorate with glitter or "fairy dust".


Decorate black sheets with glitter and other sparkly things. Hang them around a large room, depending on how many children are coming. Make sure they cover up everything and block out all light.

Set up some lava lamps around the room. Spread pillows, cushions, beanbags and blow up furniture around the room to relax on.

At the end of the room place a table decorated with fairy dust and laden with food. Set out fairy paper plates and serviettes, each plate with a fairy mask or wand ontop. The party guests can relax in the room, eat some nibblies, and play fairy games.


Fairy Bread is the most simple party tidbit to prepare.

Lightly butter white bread, spread with lots of sprinkles and cut into triangles.

Buy cookies and little cupcakes suited to the fairy theme.

Have the birthday girls favourite soft drinks or juices.

Make a fairy cake using coloured ice cream for the skirt, a barbie doll, and coloured melted chocolate for her top and wings. 

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